Nutritional Therapy is the process of using a whole foods, nutrition-based approach to addressing health concerns and promoting optimal wellness.  

Nutritional therapy recognizes six foundations for health: 

Diet, Digestion, Blood Sugar Balance, Fatty Acid Balance, Mineral Balance, and Hydration.

Imbalances and weaknesses in these foundations play a role in many of the chronic, degenerative health conditions that prevent many of us from living our best life.

To assess what areas each individual needs to strengthen we will use:

  • Initial health history interview

  • Detailed health assessment questionnaire (which provides a snapshot of your general lifestyle and health habits)

  • Food journal analysis

I also offer Nutritional Therapy Packages that include: 

  • Functional Evaluations are one of the NTP tools for assessing a client’s health. Using the body’s innate connection between the central nervous system and the body’s internal organs using non-invasive palpations in tissue (reflex points), NTP’s can assess the presence of potential imbalance or dysfunction. These reflex points connect to the neuro-vascular and neuro-lymphatic pathways which surround every organ system in the body. When an organ demonstrates stress, these pathways will build up lymphatic congestion, resulting in tenderness in the tested reflex points. The readings provide an informative baseline in which to help the client re-balance the body. Being trained in this unique form of kinesiology sets NTPs apart from other nutritional professionals.

  • Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT) is a valuable biofeedback tool that enables a NTP to determine the usefulness of a nutritional supplement before it is dispensed to the client. LNT accesses the body’s innate ability to discriminate between what it needs, and what it does not need, in order to correct a specific problem (a nutritional deficiency, for example).

Using these tools, I will be be able to work with you to provide a personalized plan, addressing your unique health and lifestyle needs.

My goal will be to direct you towards a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet. 

While everyone’s plan will look a little different, a combination of strategies including a nutrient-dense diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes will form the foundation of our plan.

I start with a FREE 20 minute phone consultation – where you can share with me your specific concerns, and goals regarding your health. We will discuss what nutritional therapy is, what steps we can take together to help you find your optimal health.